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If you suffer from a racing heart or palpitations or have been diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia, now’s the time to get back to a normal heart rhythm and an active life. The Arrhythmia Center at the Adventist Heart Institute attracts patients from around the country for breakthrough options for all types of arrhythmias.

Comprehensive Treatment Options for Cures of All Types of Arrhythmia

The Adventist Heart Institute team of electrophysiologists, cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons has earned an exceptional reputation for providing innovative methods to treat heart rhythm disorders, from antiarrhythmic drugs, to implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs), catheter ablation techniques and minimally invasive surgical techniques such as the hybrid maze or TT maze procedure. Using these techniques and others, many cardiac arrhythmias can be cured, eliminating the need for long-term drug treatment. Learn more

Breakthrough Hybrid Maze Procedure, a Minimally Invasive, Proven Technique for Treatment of A-Fib with Success Rates as High as 90 Percent

Available at only a handful of U.S. medical centers, the “hybrid” procedure combines minimally invasive surgical techniques with the latest advances in catheter ablation, a technique that applies scars to the heart’s inner surface to block signals causing the heart to misfire. The two-pronged approach gives doctors access to both the inside and outside of the heart at the same time, helping to more completely block the erratic electrical signals that cause atrial fibrillation. Learn more

Arrhythmias & Heart Health

Arrhythmias are an electrical disorder of the heart that causes an irregular and often rapid heart rate. The condition can be caused by high blood pressure or abnormal heart valves, while other patients have no apparent cause. Symptoms can include heart palpitations, shortness of breath and weakness. Left untreated, it can lead to stroke and heart failure. Learn more

Afib Doc

Living with AFib costs you about 20% of your heart efficiency. Dr. Gan Dunnington is one of the few doctors who can improve your quality of life. Follow Dr. Dunnington on this blog as he discusses the all things Arrhythmia!
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The National Alliance of Integrated AFib Centers (NAIAC) is a coalition of hospitals, physicians and treatment centers that use an integrated approach to treat cardiac arrhythmia. We foster a synergy between cardiac specialties to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to treating AFib.
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